Jepara Garden Resort was founded on the idea of quiet weekend away from all the noise and the busyness of daily life.

A place where you can spend qaulity time with those you hold dearest without the distractions of the outside world.


Jepara Garden Resort is located just outside the historical city of Jepara. The resort has adopted a modern balinese design to incorparate a neutral color scheme while bringing out the beautiful colors of the garden.

As a garden resort we pride ourselves in the natural atmosphere that we try to bring forward by emphasizing the importance of taking responsibility and caring for our enviroment. We conduct operations with the highest concern for what our enviromental impact is and how we can continue to improve.

But our respondsibility does not only involve the enviroment; but the community that surrounds us - located in a city that is in continues development and expansion. We want to bring opportunity and success not only to us but to our neighbours aswell. Creating an ambience that surrounds Jepara Garden Resort; with familiarity and respectability.

Pool Villas

Our 56 m2 Pool Villas consists of a bathroom, a bedroom with a queen size bed, a private pool and a small kitchen for minor necessities.

Designed to provide comfort and great privacy, as all the amenities of the villa is confined to only be accesible by the guest.

Garden Villas

Our 36 m2 Garden Villas consists of a bathroom, a bedroom and a open terrace with a view to the garden.

We have 2 diffrent models; we have one with a queen size bed and one with 2 single beds, in which both models subsist of the same amenities and furnishment.